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Are you a Mom or Dad unhappy with your current separated parental agreement?

Have you been separated or divorced and the original arrangements made in the agreement are no longer to your satisfaction? Let’s face it, life situations change and so should the arrangement. We call this a post-decree case. Common examples that we have helped with are changing custody arrangements and child support amounts. Are you just not sure if what you would like to change is reasonable? We get this question all the time and are happy to help but sadly many times parents go far too long without taking the first step and seeking profession help. Want to know if you’re being reasonable or are you ready to take action? Simply drop me a quick note using my contact form


Are you a Mom or significant other concerned with your daughter’s/son’s current custody arrangement?

Tired of seeing your daughter, son or significant other hurt or struggle with their current separation or parental agreement situation? Don’t you wish that they would or could solve these problems on their own? They’re lucky they have such a caring person in you. Unfortunately we can’t contact them until they’ve reached out to us themselves but we can discuss the situation with you and help you help them. Do you want to get the ball rolling to help them change the situation? It’s as easy as sending me info on the situation using my contact form but use your name instead of theirs.


Have you or your spouse decided to separate?

Is your marriage coming to an end? Whether it’s your choice or not, this will be an extremely delicate and frustrating time in your life. No matter the side of the break up that you are on, you’ll have lot of questions and need good guidance. Do you need a compassionate ear that you can trust but isn’t afraid to tell you the tough things you don’t want to hear? Are there kids involved, bank or retirement accounts, loan or credit card debts, houses or cars? Were you a stay-at-home mom? Can a dissolution work or do we need to do a divorce? Any of these can make your dissolution or divorce extremely complex. Do you want an aggressive, confident and experienced professional helping navigate these intricacies? Use my contact form to meet with me.


Do you want to adopt your spouse’s son or daughter?

Been the step-parent of your spouse’s son or daughter for a while and you love so much you want to make you being parent “official”? Are you trying to protect your spouse’s kids from their “ex”? Are the kids asking you to officially be their mom or dad? Is your relative kid’s mom and dad just not the best parent for them? These are all great reasons to move to adopt. Do you have consent or will you have to fight for them? One way is easy and the other way will take some hard work. Would you like the process to be as quick and done? If you’d like to get things rolling, use my contact form and I’ll give you a call.