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An alternative to divorce

When you and your spouse are considering a divorce but are worried about the expense and time involved in the process, dissolution may be a better option. If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement regarding all of the major issues involved in your split prior to filing any action in court, a dissolution of marriage may be the best option for you. An amicable dissolution may help you move on with your life in a more efficient way.

We’ll explain the process of dissolution and help you understand whether it’s a better option for your situations. Gena R. Larison and staff have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure that your rights are fully protected during the entire process.


The main difference between marriage dissolution and divorce is that there is no litigation involved in marriage dissolution. All of the issues of the split -- such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division -- are determined ahead of time by both the spouses, and no time has to be wasted in bitter disputes in the courtroom.

For those who can come to agreements about these issues, there are many benefits to pursuing dissolution instead of filing for divorce. These benefits include reduced costs, the power to control the decisions made in your case, and a much quicker process that can help you move forward in a timely fashion.

As your attorney, Gena R. Larison will advise you of your rights, review your agreement, ensure that your best interests are protected, and draft and file all required documents with the court. Attorney Larison will also attend your final court hearing with you to ensure your dissolution is properly finalized.

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