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Protecting your rights when physical violence occurs

Any act of domestic violence should be taken seriously and addressed immediately. Gena R. Larison has represented many individuals who have found themselves involved in situations involving domestic violence or allegations of domestic violence. We know how difficult and emotional these situations can be for those involved and how much of a difference we can make in the outcome of a domestic violence case.

Gena R. Larison and staff are dedicated to helping people in cases of domestic violence. We can assist you in obtaining a civil protection order if you have been a victim of domestic violence. We can also help those who have been accused of domestic violence in the defense and dismissal of a potential civil protection order. Whether you are seeking or attempting to enforce a civil protection order, or you have been accused of domestic violence, Gena R. Larison can advocate for your rights. Domestic violence had real consequences and a serious impact on every family member involved, especially children. Get the protection and safety you deserve.

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