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Establishing paternity and other family law issues in Ohio

The determination of paternity of a child is important for many reasons and in many different type of family law cases. For fathers who wish to obtain parenting time or custodial rights, the establishment of paternity is necessary in order to enforce their rights in court. For mothers, establishing paternity can assist in the establishment of a child support order. In each case, having an experienced lawyer assist you with a paternity action can help you protect your rights.

Gena R. Larison has many years of experience in the practice of family law and has helped many clients and their families through difficult legal issues. Attorney Larison has an extensive understanding of paternity laws in the state of Ohio and how they can impact issues of child custody and support. We can advise you on your options and help you achieve the resolution you and your child deserve.


It is important for parents to understand their responsibilities to their children and to assert their rights to maintain relationships with those children. In paternity actions, regardless of whether the father or the mother is seeking the action, the establishment of paternity grants parental rights to the father and allows the possibility for that father to request visitation or custodial rights of his child. An action to establish paternity can also establish the responsibility of a father to financially support his child.

In court, Gena R. Larison can assist you in establishing paternity by requesting court-ordered DNA testing in order to prove parentage of your child. For our clients, we can explain the process of establishing parentage, while helping you understand what that will mean for you in the future. Parents have a right to be in their children’s lives, and obtaining legal recognition is an important and necessary step in that process.

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