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Prenuptial agreements are contracts entered into prior to marriage that are designed to help people protect their assets, their children, and other interests in the event of a subsequent divorce or death. A meeting with Gena R. Larison prior to a marriage makes it easier for individuals to understand their options and make important decisions that can impact them and their families in the future.

Drafting a prenuptial agreement requires an experienced attorney who can ensure that the agreement is done correctly and meets the expectations of the client. Attorney Larison can help you plan for the future, identify concerns that need to be addressed, and draft a prenuptial agreement that is based on your individual needs and interests.


When couples divorce without a premarital agreement, and they cannot work out issues regarding division of property and spousal support on their own, the court will use its own guidelines to come to a decision. A prenuptial agreement gives you the control over these possible future issues prior to the marriage taking place. Reasons for a prenuptial agreement may include:

  • Large difference in income or wealth between the spouses
  • High debt load for one or both spouses
  • One or both spouses own a business or part of a business
  • Ensuring an estate plan that protects your children
  • One or both spouses are remarrying and have children and/or support obligations from a previous marriage
  • One or both spouses have significant assets that were acquired prior to the new marriage

In order to make a prenuptial agreement effective, both parties must agree to a full disclosure of assets and debts, and there must be a sufficient time frame between the signing of the document and the marriage. There are strict protocols to follow when entering into a successful prenuptial agreement, and Gena R. Larison can ensure that yours is drafted correctly.

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