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Helping families through stepparent adoptions in Ohio

For stepparents, adoption is a way for them to gain legal rights to their stepchildren, taking on responsibility for the stepchildren as if they are the biological parent and gaining security for their relationship in the process. Stepparent adoption can be fairly straightforward, provided that basic conditions of the law and the best interests of the child are met. But there are issues that should be addressed with an experienced attorney. However, if the adoption is contested, you need an attorney who will stand up for your rights in court.

Gena R. Larison, Attorney at Law, has helped many families through the process of stepparent adoption. Attorney Larison has also helped grandparents, relatives, and legal custodians adopt children to preserve their rights and relationship. Whether the other parent consents to the adoption or challenges it, we can stand up for you in the adoption process.


In addition to the completion of all required forms, filing the required documents with the court, completion of required home study, and the other aspects of adoption, there are a number of requirements that need to be met before the adoption can legally take place. The first of these concerns the rights of the other birth parent to the child or children who are being adopted.

The biological mother or father must provide formal consent to a stepparent adoption in order to five up their legal parental rights. However, there are exceptions to the requirement of parental consent, one being that the non-custodial parent has had no communication with the child for a period of one year or greater, and another being that the parent has failed to provide any financial support for one year or more.

In every case, of course, the best interest of the children is always prioritized by the probate court. It is the goal of all adoptions to create families that are well-functioning and have healthy relationships. Gena R. Larison can help you solidify and protect your family relationships.

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